Over forty years ago, in 1969, Poznań organized the 1st National Young Audience Film Festival. There was no accident in the event being born here. Between 1963-1966 Poznań hosted the Review of Animations and Films for Children – it is in these remote times where Ale Kino! has its historic roots. There are few festivals in Poland with such a long-standing tradition. Initially, until 1996, the event was organized every other year. In 1994, next to the national competition, the first international contest was held. The festival has been using its present name since 1996 and its most important part has become the international competition, with Polish and foreign productions vying to win the Golden Goats in live-action and animation categories. Since its inception, the event has been an important, many-sided overview of Poland's young audience cinema. Now, Ale Kino! is the only film festival for young audiences in Poland with the international status and standard. Ale Kino! spreads the idea of a modern cinema for children and teenagers on a large scale. It is also well-known and respected abroad as a diverse forum for young audience cinema, promoting Polish and international film production and organizing the discussion about important topics in this area of cinematography. Importantly, Ale Kino! has a great influence on education of the future generations of Polish people.